LGD'S are an important part of our livestock operations. Our 100 acre farm is in a very rural part of So. Oregon and is shared with coyote, bear, cougar, hawk, eagle, and smaller predator like fox, possum, racoon, crows and rats. Our dogs live with and protect our goats, sheep and chickens from all forms of predators.
We have at least two dogs in each livestock group. They cover large areas and a single dog cannot adequately protect against a pack of coyotes/dogs or a single cougar.
Arrow loves his babies! When kids are lost or scared, they run to Arrow. You can almost see him smile when they climb all over him. Arrow is now going on 14 yo and I am sure it is kidding season every year that keeps him going.
Scary Dogs?
Not if strangers are properly introduced. See the visitor in the middle of the pack in the picture on the left?
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LGDs don't eat nearly as much as our house dogs. We use self feeders with our LGD's. They don't overeat. They access the feeders through a jump system (right) keeping the goats and sheep out of the dog food.
CONCHO & RANGO who guard our big boys
We had a bad shake up in our LGD groups so most of dogs are young and in training.
It's a tough job breaking in new dogs! Trained dogs are worth their weight in gold and seldom available.
 We were lucky to find excellent pups and a few great adults.
Zeke - Akbash
Annie - Anatolian/Great Pyr
Mary and Weber guard our ewes.
Annie and Zeke work with Arrow to guard our does and babies.

After lambing/kidding, our does and ewes share pastures and the dogs guard all the girls.

You can see the self feeders and opening for the dogs behind Zeke.