TC was our first AAGBA buck purchase. He was the TAGRA 1999 Champion buck. We lost TC the summer of 2006 when he got stuck in some blackberries and fell down a hill. We still miss TC.
Moby (L at OFFF where he was Reserve Champion behind Brady) and R in July, 2012. His dam is Macy, 2012 BSG Best of Show winner. Moby is gentle, uniform and fine though he remains a big boy. He's won a couple of championships so far.
Frost (below) came to use from Cerulean Farms in Oklahoma. Even as a recently sheared buck you can tell what a fine haired and square boy he is. We are also very happy with the kids produced by Frost.
He is a sweet boy to deal with but is one tough bugger when another buck tries to pick on him.
rcf81715024004.jpg rcf81715024003.jpg