DOES FROM THE RECESSIVE COLOR POOL. (striped, pinto & solid black)
Below left is Divinity;a 4 yo white color carrier out of a black doe from Isa Jennings genetics and Moby (AAGBA multi-champion buck.) Divinity was Black Sheep Gathering Reserve Grand Champion WHITE doe, beating out all AAGBA white does except our Lalique for the championship round. She has all the qualities we want in a doe (density, fineness + excellent body) and also carries colored genetics.
Angora Goats For Sale
We breed for good bodies and hardiness then for a cover of fine and uniform fleece.
Both males and females have well spaced straight legs,
good spring of rib with great heart and lung capacity.
Wide long bodies = increased mohair producing body mass and ease of kidding.
If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, let us know and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. If we can't, we will refer you to another reputable breeder in your area.
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We have great prices on bucks purchased with a breeding group of unrelated does.
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Carmel is the red triplet doe shown above as a kid and below this winter. She is now 2 yo. Carmel is a very friendly faded red doe with fancy patterns and multiple births in her genetics. Dam is Toffee, State Grand Champion colored doe and sire is Gretsky, National Res Grand Champion buck. $500.
Below is Kimi. She is a 4yo twin out of Tuwa and Cochise National Grand Champion buck. $500
Cool Breeze is a tri-colored reverse badger 2yo doe who is a twin. She is the sister to Gretzky, National Res Grand Champion colored buck.
Cool Breeze kidded for the first time this year with twin boys.
Cool Breeze
We have about 5 or 6 AAGBA white does we can sell with unrelated bucks. These are some examples. Show/champion pedigrees. Does & bucks are $450-$500.
15% discounts for breeding groups.
Contact us for details.
Above is KoKo. She was the Oregon State Grand Champion colored Doe as a yearling. She is a dominant black doe out of Toffee (dark red/brown) and Chogan, solid black buck. Toffee was the State Champion the following year as a 6yo doe. Chogan is a splendid buck with fine fleece, good structure, horns & testicles. Plus, he has an excellent personality.
KoKo has an incredibly dense fleece with good coverage and a soft, silky handle. KoKo is an excellent doe but we are not fans of the solid black Angoras.
$500 sold individually
$500 sold individually
Dilly is a solid black recessive 2 yo doe out of Tillie and Antonio. Both her parents are fancy colors and patterns so Dilly has the genetics to produce badgers, reverse badgers, pintos or mantled offspring.

Dilly has a solid black fleece in the winter and her summer fleece is black with silver tips; very striking.
Boys from Cool Breeze & ThunderStorm; black/white pinto buck. These boys can be used for breeding any of the recessive does shown for sale except their dam, Cool Breeze. $450
Flame is a tri-colored badger twin out of Glow (National Grand Champion Colored Angora doe) and Gretsky (National Reserve Grand Champion Colored Angora buck). Flame carries the body, fleece, density and lock structure of a champion like her parents. Flame is shown with her buckling this year as a first timer. Her twin is a black/white pinto doe. $600
Divinity - $500
Milana 716 shown Left is a twin out of Mona Lisa (Rembrandt is sire) and Majel. She is an apricot red with excellent coverage, uniformity, density and fineness. She is very friendly. Just turned 2 and not previously bred. $500.
Indian Spring is a doe I am only putting on the "for sale" list because I've keps so many of her kids. She is beautiful and consistently gives me some of the best kids each year. She is a pretty red/brown color with blue eyes. Even at 6 YO she has a beautifully uniform fleece with good color, density, purity and fineness. She is square, wide and has a long body with good mohair producing capacity.
Indian Spring has Whado, AAGBA, & Hill Shepherd in her background with lots of show winners in her pedigree. She is not a friendly girl but not aggressive and easy to handle when caugh. She consistently has twins; usually one red/brown & one black. $650
Indian Spring
Flair is a black recessive doe with a white foot and pinto background. Shown above as a yearling, and shown right as a 6 yo. Flair is a twin with a soft, fine and very silky fleece. It is not as curly as it was as a younger doe but she still has good density and coverage.

Flair's dam is shown far right with twins from a couple of years ago. The luster absolutely glows from Flair and you can see that trait in her dam.
Flair's sire is RCF Lighting; twin to the CAGBA National Grand Champion doe, Glow, who took that award as a 4yo doe. Flair is $450
Frannie, Flair's dam with two of Flair's sisters.
Freedom, shown Left is a black and white pinto with bright blue eyes. Sire is ThunderStorm and dam is Liberty. He is a half brother to Caruso. He should have excellent qualities as he matures. Unrelated to all recessive does shown for sale. Early born twin. $550
Neesha is a OFFF and BSG Grand Champion doe also finishing 2nd at the Iowa CAGBA National show (behind our doe Glow). As we are keeping so many of her offspring, it's time to let her go to a new farm. Fine fleece, good body, great lock structutre and a rare reverse badger pattern. $700
Now weaning age so new pics will be added shortly.
One solid black & one tri-colored reverse badger.