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Our sheep stay in good to thick condition with little supplementation in winter. We pasture raise our sheep without vaccinations or worming. This is a hardy breed.
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Below left is Moses and below is Zak.
These are 100% Gotland rams from embryo transplant. We used both rams for our natural breeding for 2017 lambs.

These boys have very dense, soft and uniform fleeces with correct confirmation and typical Gotland characteristics.
Our favorite and most popular sheep and wool for sale are those with a combination of Swedish and NZ genetics.
Just a few more lambs expected by the end of March.
499 is our last 2017 ram lamb available.
93.75% ram lamb
Below is 497 quad born 1/2017.
Swedish Aron, NZ Moses, UK Charles and UK Zorro genetics.
499 is twin from AI . Sire is Swedish Aron. DamAbove is 493 born 1/2017.
NZ Moses, UK Charles and UK Zorro genetics
Above is 563 born 2/28/2017.
Single to a 2016 ewe lamb. Swedish Nestor, Swedish Mr. Big, NZ Zak, UK Charles and UK Zorro genetics.
95.3125% ram lamb for sale
98.8288% ram lamb
478 - SOLD
Ewe Lamb NFS
Ewe Lamb NFS
500 ram lamb SOLD
93.75% ram lamb
Ewe Lamb NFS
Ewe Lamb NFS
Ram lamb 98.4375%
90.625% ram lamb
495 ram lamb SOLD
90.625% ewe lamb
Ewe Lamb NFS
98.7875% lambs
Ram lamb SOLD
Ewe lamb
 Ewe Lamb NFS
94.1498% white ewe lamb
Above is 499 born 2/1/2017.
Twin from AI with Swedish Aron as sire. Dam is AI daughter of Swedish Skinnarve Allen and grandaughter of Swedish Nors Fox. Has NZ Flash in background. BFL foundation.
Wethered for fiber pet - $200
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