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View our 2017 lambs here including our highest percentage at 99.39375%.
If you are in the market for high quality, high percentage Gotland sheep, we will work with you to find the right sheep for you even if they are not listed for sale.
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Diedre is a 4th generation 2016 born quad ewe Her sire is Swedish Gannarve and dam has Shetland foundation; 93.75% Gotland. $1000.
Faythe is a 2016 twin ewe lamb out of a Swedish Mr. Big son. She also has UK Fabian, UK Rolls Royce, UK Daniel, NZ Hoppy and NZ Ralph. Faythe is 88.2825% and is offered at $850.
Below are sheep we are helping selll for a customer at excellent prices. Most are from our genetics.
13-131 is a 2013 born 80.08% twin from an RCF parentage. Traditional color with great confirmation and size. Sold with her ewe lamb out of Abram (see below). Lamb is 90.0390625%. $900 for the pair.
EVR Sunshadow is an 84.5% ewe, born twin in 2014. Sire is a Swedish Sindarve Shaun son. She also has NZ Hoppy, Flash and UK Daniel, Denzel & Charles in her pedigree. $450
Investing in a high quality, high percentage ram is without a doubt
the single best improvement you can make in your Gotland flock.

A beautiful SWEDISH NORS FOX son born twin in 2014. His dam is a Swedish Aron daughter who had triplets in 2016 and quads in 2017. Palsfar has a pure & uniform fleece (consistency & color) with good lock structure and luster & Gotland blue coloring. He is square and wide body & will put good constitution & conformation on lambs. Palsfar thinks he's "all that" so keep an eye on him, particularly at breeding season.
95.3125% $900
Fergus is a 2016 born single ram lamb out of Iris and Abram. He is good sized with a correct body, fine fleece and good lock structure.
Fergus has Swedish Nors Fox, Aron and Mr. Big in his pedigree. 96.4844%. $850
JOSEPH (below left) - SOLD
Joseph is a 100% Gotland 2yo ram from NZ embryo transfer.
ABRAM (below) - SOLD
Another 2yo 100% Gotland ram from NZ embryo transfer.
Ewe lamb 584 is a 92.25% twin out of Sunshadow and Joseph (see below). She has a lot of white but meets breed standards. $500
Vicki had some exceptional boys shown below. Breeding groups with unrelated genetics will be given additonal discounts.
Additional discounts provided with the purchase of breeding groups.
"SALE PENDING" means we do not have a deposit yet. That means the animal is not sold but may be by time you check with us.
If interested contact us and we will let you know if the sale does not finalize.
Rose and Iris are two of my favorites with a fine, crimpy and lofty fleeces that is so soft. They are twins out of RCF Daere and RCF Palsfar. These ewes are 92.96875%. Rose is more traditionally colored and Iris has a lighter fleece and grey markings. Both have the good body structure from their parents. Both are darkening up nicely now that they have a good mineral mix with copper. $700 each.
Elna is a 90.625% daughter of Fattings Aron and Grandaughter of Sindarve Mercurius. She also UK genetics but no NZ in her pedigree. Elna has a very traditional blue/grey fleece, black head and legs with silver around lips and eyes. She has very strong confirmation. $1000.
500 - Twin SOLD
499 is a twin out of Swedish Fattings Aron, a daughter of Skinnarve Allen and granddaughter of Swedish Nors Fox. This boy was born February 1 and is very growthy with a wide constitution with a long body. His fleece is a uniform & clean pewter color without salt and pepper fibers.
His fleece has wide looping curls most desirable by those wanting a Swedish type fleece. He is curious, stands for scratches but is not in your face or pushy. He is 93.75%. He can be sold in a breeding group with Faythe, Deidre & Gloss for $3000 or singularly for $900.
90.04% ewe lamb
Eli is a 5th generation Gotland ram lamb back on the market.
  He is a 95.3125% quad out of a Fattings Aron dam and Moses, our 100% NZ Gotland ram.
Eli has a super soft and fine fleece with a pretty pewter blue/grey color.He is slghtly smaller than some his age as he was the smallest of the quads. Bottle fed but not babied so he is not in your face or at all aggressive or pushy. His dam, Dorty, also was the dam for Palsfar, below. Eli is back on the market as his buyer decided to lease Palsfar for this fall.
Eli - $800 or half price with a breeding group of ewes.