Sasha and Bandit;
beautiful Angora goat twins; owned and photographed by Jeff Ronan from Ronan Country Fibers

Sasha & Bandit's picture appeared on the national CAGBA promotional poster shown here and in the 2009 national ad campaign celebrating CAGBA's 10th anniversary.
Angora Goats are delightful and magical animals to raise. They are more docile than other goat breeds. Angora goats are naturally curious and have very individualized personalities. Many will learn their name and respond to it. They enjoy having things to climb and stand on. Angora goat does usually weigh 80 to 120 lbs and bucks weigh 125 to 200 lbs. Both sexes have horns and they should NOT be polled. They are wonderful animals for small livestock operations especially if you spin, weave or use their fiber in arts and crafts projects. Be sure to visit our mohair pages for more information about Angora mohair fiber.

Angora goats are herd animals and should be kept in groups of two or more. Angora goats have a hierarchy and each herd will usually develop an alpha female. We run a herd of 20+ bucks and wethers together ranging in age from 4 months to 11 years. The old guys do not hurt the babies.

Angora goats are fairly easy to keep. They don't require large amounts of land, are good brush controllers and they like to browse on a variety of plants and grasses. Outside of food and fresh water they need to be sheared twice a year, de-wormed for parasites and have their feet trimmed routinely depending on the ground conditions and your feeding program.
Ronan Country Fibers-Angora goat-Colored Angora goat buck Ronan Country Fibers-white Angora goat-Angora goat doe Ronan Country Fibers-Colored Angora doe-Angora goat Ronan Country Fibers
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