Our goal is to produce high quality Gotland sheep that exceed the GSBANA breed standards.
In addition to breeding for traditional Gotland Grey, ranging in color from light silver to deep charcoal, we have a line of high percentage white and brown Gotlands that carry the traditional Gotland body and fleece style.

Ronan Country Fibers is a founding member of GSBANA. We pioneered the importation of both NZ and Swedish Gotland genetics and have the highest percentage of Swedish genetics in the US as of 2016. We enjoy working with new breeders and ship animals to all parts of the country to help start new Gotland flocks or to upgrade existing flocks.
We also sell raw wool, roving and yarn.
Please contact us with your Gotland sheep or wool questions.
RCF primarily used Shetlands & Finns for our Gotland project; providing the size, fineness, head/tail structure and personality we want in our Gotlands. We added BFL, Wensleydale& Teeswater genetics which added lovely fleece qualities to our flock.
Ronan Country Fibers is proud to be "first" in the US:
1st Grand Champion & Res Grand Champion Gotland Ewes
1st Grand Champion Gotland Ram;
1st Registered Gotlands;
1st Registered brown and first Registered white Gotlands.
Largest Gotland sheep breeder in North America recorded with GSBANA
2016 ewe lambs at 6-9 months old
Our breeding goals are to develop a fine fleeced Gotland for the handspinnerís market that maintains the purling locks, luster and meat qualities of the breed. We worked for 2 years to find, collect and import Gotland semen from New Zealand while we worked with Swedish and USDA officials to obtain Gotland semen from Sweden. Neither NZ nor Sweden had previously exported Gotland semen.

NZ Gotlands have been bred for soft and fine wool with luster and a flowing drape. NZ genetics and careful selection of the finest and silkiest Gotlands is bringing us closer to our goals. The Lord of the Ring magical cloaks from the movie were created from NZ Gotland wool.

After 6 years of searching and negotiating for top quality Gotland semen from Sweden, we secured a single shipment of semen in 2011. Two partners joined us for this adventure when the costs became more than we could handle alone. 409 straws of semen were imported from Sweden representing 11 rams and 8 breeders/farms. Only that single shipment was allowed for import.

A new shipment of Gotland semen from Sweden is planned for 2017.
Ronan Country Fibers-Gotland sheep breeding goals
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All our Gotland sheep are registered with GSBANA and exceed the breed standards for the association.
All adults we sell are confirmed successful breeders.

We are proud of all the animals we own, breed and sell.
RCF flock has great genetic diversity with 4 UK rams, 4 NZ rams and 10 Swedish rams shown in the pedigrees through artificial insemination.