Sales Information & Policy

Please read this full page if you wish to purchase animals from us.

An animal is not considered sold and a sale is not confirmed until a 25% non-refundable deposit is received. No exceptions.

Our Pricing

  • We are not the most expensive nor are we the cheapest place to buy Angora goats or Gotland sheep.
  • We have nationally proven high quality genetics that includes animal confirmation, fiber quality and calm personalities.
  • We test for CL, CAE, Johne’s and OPP that you will find with VERY few breeders.
  • We provide stacks of documentation to make animal management easy and clear.
  • We follow up regularly with our customers & answer questions and to make the process of raising the animals as easy and inexpensive as possible.
  • We’ve saved our customers countless trips to the vet for unnecessary tests and treatments by providing consultation and advise 24 hours a day.
  • We help our customers with marketing of their animals and the fiber.
  • We invest a huge amount of our time in developing our animal quality and in helping new animal owners that you simply will not find elsewhere.
  • Our pricing considers all of this. We provide discounts for multiple purchases and for 4-H customers.
  • We cannot negotiate discounts for costs on feed, medications, fencing, electricity or our time.
  • If you cannot afford the prices listed and also afford to provide adequate care and feed for the animals, please shop elsewhere.
  • If you want some of the highest quality Angora goat and Gotland sheep available with proven endurance, vigor, reproductive excellence and clean test results, please contact us.

If you are looking for something you don’t see on our sale page, contact us. We usually can provide just the animal you need even if it isn’t shown for sale. If we do not have what you want, we can refer you to another reputable breeder.

When we sell goats, we provide:

  • Written information on setting up your goat area and help in transitioning your animals to their new home.
  • A copy of “The Angora Goat” book is provided with the purchase of a full breeding group.
  • Written maintenance schedule.
  • 24/7 service to help when you have a problem. Call us; we will guide you through the problem and let you know when it is appropriate to contact a vet.
  • Training in shearing, giving shots, hoof trimming, castrations and fiber preparation.
  • Marketing information for animals and their fiber.
  • Customer referrals when we are unable to fill a customer order.
  • Written information on breeding, kidding and kid care.
  • When you purchase 3 or more does from us, we will include an unrelated buck free of charge. (Selected bucks only.) Other buck options can be provided at discounted prices.

When we sell sheep, we provide:

  • Written documentation on care of your sheep.
  • 24/7 service to help when you have a problem. Call us; we will guide you through the problem and let you know when it is appropriate to contact a vet.
  • When you purchase 3 or more ewes from us, we can include an unrelated ram free of charge (Our choice) or other rams at reduced prices.
  • Priority is given in the purchase of Gotland semen for customers purchasing ewes from us.

Our policy on testing:

We had concerns about exposure to diseases because we go to several shows every year. We also had fellow breeders who had diagnosed CL and Johne’s in their herds. We consulted with the Johne’s Research Facility in Pennsylvania and began fecal testing for Johne’s in January of 2012. All animals tested negative.

The disadvantage to the fecal PCR test is cost. It is a fairly expensive test but getting accurate results was important to us. Experts in the field now give us a clean bill of health for Johne’s so it was worth the investment.

In addition to Johne’s, our goat herd is tested for CAE and CL. We do not have a closed goat herd but seldom add new goats. As a condition of sale, we’ve also had some of our animals tested for TB, Brucillosis and Blue Tongue and all tests have been negative.

Any rare but occasional additions to our goat herd are tested for CL, CAE and Johne’s before being released to the main herd.

Our Sheep were tested for Johne’s and OPP in 2011 and all tested negative. We will continue random testing. Additionally, we had a closed sheep herd introducing new genetics only through imported semen from New Zealand or Sweden. We subsequently have brought in a few sheep from customers of ours and they have been retested for OPP.

We have never had a contagious disease in our sheep or goat herds. Any animal with questionable symptoms has been vet tested and confirmed negative to contagious diseases. Any death from an unknown cause is extremely rare and always necropsied.

We will continue to do random testing even though exposure to these diseases through casual contact at shows is unlikely.

We are happy to have animals tested for any additional diseases at the prospective buyer’s request.