FIRST AND ONLY SOURCE OF GOTLAND SHEEP SEMEN FROM SWEDEN, THE BREED'S COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. Read about our adventures in securing Swedish semen and our breeding goals - Click here.
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RCF worked with USDA and Swedish officials for 6 years to secure the first and only Swedish Gotland sheep semen available in North America. We had 80 lambs in 2012 & most were from ewes AI'ed with Swedish semen. Our 2nd year of Swedish genetics were born the spring of 2013. 3rd year using Swedish genetics was born in February, 2014.
We have a perfect starter herd or additions to upgrade an existing Gotland flock.
GOTLANDS - New genetics from 3 New Zealand Gotland rams imported in 2009.
Semen from 11 top rated Swedish Gotland rams imported in 2011.
Join the original Gotland sheep club in the USA; The Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America. New Members are welcomed and participation encouraged.
Our herds are CAE, CL, Johne's and OPP tested.
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Selma, OR 97538 541-597-4600
Ronan Country Fibers chosen as "PREMIER BREEDER"
 at the 2012 CAGBA National Show.
If you think you want to raise Angora Goats, please read this....
RONAN COUNTRY FIBERS wins Diamond Award for Best in Show
for both Does and the Bucks at the 2012 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

Our 100 acre farm is located in southwest Oregon near the town of Selma. Selma is a small rural community best known as the home town of Kristi Lee Cook from American Idol. We have a Post Office, store, bar, church and gas station.  What more does a person need?


Our land has been used for farming since before 1890 when the barn was built. The area was also a logging community set in the Siskiyou mountain range.  While we are surrounded by forest, our ranch is primarily a valley of pasture land. Crooks Creek and Deer Creek run year round dividing our pastures and are lined with trees, berries and lots of goat/sheep browse.

Our show quality Angora Goats & Gotland sheep enjoy the shade from our heritage oak trees and lounge in a relatively mild climate. We average about 100 goats and 100 sheep at any given time.


We started our Gotland Sheep project in 2005 as a charger member of the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America.  As of 2014 we  still have the largest Gotland sheep ranch in North America as recorded by GSBANA.


We have several livestock guardian dogs, various breeds of free range chickens, 3 house cats (that were supposed to be barn cats) & a rescued border collie cross who is Carol's close buddy. To add to the mix, Carol's mom (Donna) lives in a home on our ranch and Jeff's dad (Jack) lived with us in 2011/2013. 


Our white and colored Angora goats and Gotland sheep produce beautiful, silky fiber in a rainbow of natural colors. We occasionally sell dyed mohair to extend the rainbow of colors available.


We keep detailed records of births, deaths, purchases and sales of all animals. All breedings are carefully planned. Our animals are tested for Johne's, OPP, CL and CAE.

We are registered breeders with:

Jeff and Carol are both Certified Registry Inspectors for CAGBA.
Jeff is the current President and past NorthWest Regional Director for CAGBA.
Carol is the newsletter editor for CAGBA.
Carol is the past President and current Treasurer for GSBANA.


We believe in supporting the associations which work with members to promote these beautiful animals and their fiber.


We enjoy having visitors to our farm. The tour includes the animal facilities and our fiber processing studio with lots of bags of nice quality mohair and wool. The workshops are usually of interest to the mechanically inclined where we are always working on perfecting feeders or the like for Angora goats (suggestions are encouraged).


We have overnight visitor facilities available for people coming from out of town to purchase or evaluate animals. We attend a number of shows during the year and can sometimes help deliver animals to or from the shows.


Please enjoy your visit to our website. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improving the information provided here.


Thanks for visiting us!

Jeff & Carol

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RCF again took Champion White doe at the Black Sheep Gathering - 2013. We also took Reserve Champion Doe with a white color carrier registered with CAGBA.
Frost came from Cerulean Farm in 2012. He took Reserve Champion white buck at the 2013 Black Sheep Gathering.
Alcea (below) was Reserve Grand Champion at the 2013 CAGBA national show & Reserve Grand Champion colored Doe at the 2013 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.
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RCF Isabella White Angora Champion Doe
RCF Dutchess White Angora Reserve Champion Doe
RCF Toffee Colored Angora Champion Doe
RCF Black Pearl Colored Angora Reserve Champion Doe
RCF Thaddeus White Angora Champion Buck
RCF is Premier Exhibitor
Updated 2014 kid pics here.....
2014 Gotland lambs have arrived. Check here for pictures...
CAGBA Nationals in IOWA
August 16-17

Oregon State Fair
Salem, Oregon
August 27-29

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, Canby Oregon
September 27-28
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Do Goats Like Brush?
Nors Fox, one of 11 Swedish Rams used for semen import.